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Welcome! Come join me in my addiction to fly fishing and fly tying. It contains fly fishing tips, photos, flies, fly recipes, and links to other fly fishing and fly tying pages. Feel free to drop me an e-mail at fisherlady@attglobal.net if you have something you'd like posted to these pages. Enjoy!!

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Photo Compliments of Al Campbell

Frys - Tied and created by Paul (Taff) Slaney

The TN - tied and created by Tomaz (Fish) Modic and the COSS - tied and created by Linda Foote


The Virtual Flybox: Hundreds of fly patterns, fly swaps, add your own pattern, and more...

Virtual Fly Shop: Fly Fisherman Magazine's Web Site

FFF Oregon Council: Sign up and become a member

Sunriver Flyshop: A great fly shop...in Central Oregon

Sugar Creek Ranch: "Pay to Play" fishing in California

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